Friday, December 25, 2009


The last month since Thanksgiving has been so incredibly busy
at our house. Instead of heading out to stand in line in front of
stores for early Black Friday Sales I flew to Florida to help my
Mom drive out to Texas to spend the month with us. I got there,
helped her pack up the car, get the house ready for Dad to
hunker down for the month and then we took 2 days to drive
back home.

The next few days were busy painting ornaments, making jewelry and
keepsakes for the Christmas Craft Fair in a local church on the 12th.
The fair was busy but nothing sold. It was a very disappointing
experience that has made me realize there is NO market in my area for
handmade goods. Therefore, I have given up the desire
to make stuff to sell. At least for now. I know my friends are pretty
tired of getting handmade stuff so I don't know what I'm going to do
with all of it but I'll figure it out eventually.

We have straightened the garage (a bit) so we could pull out
the Christmas stuff, cleaned up my studio (a bit) so we could do
some work, finished my shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, etc.
It has been so much fun having her here that I am having a difficult
time accepting the fact we are going to have to pack up the car and
drive back in the next couple of days. I already have my plane ticket for
my return on the 3rd so visiting time is growing short. Again, time
just moves too fast sometimes.

The Tuesday before Christmas the Twins participated in a piano
recital/ Christmas Party and each student played a carol for the
audience. Punkin even played a duet with the Instructor.
Unfortunately, we were seated on the wrong side for photos and
were only able to get clear pictures of the kids from the back while
they were at the piano. Ah well, next time we will pay
more attention to which side we sit on. : ) It was very nice and Punkin
and Buddy really enjoyed dressing up and performing for everyone.

Our day today was wonderful - a laid back present exchange this
morning followed by the baking of the rolls and then the trek to
visit family for a late lunch. A very enjoyable day.

I hope you and your family enjoyed a peaceful Christmas Day...