Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to the 70s!!!! Photo Intensive Post Alert

Did the Summer fly by too fast for you? Well it sure did here and there
were lots of things we were going to do this Summer that just didn't
get scrunched into our busy time or laziness, it depends on which
day we're talking about! One of those things I had planned
was to go through the boxes of old clothing I have in the attic and
see if any of it fit the kids (and if they wanted it.)

Today, since it was raining and messy out, we found a box and did
just that. Of course, most of it was 'girly' clothes so Buddy didn't
get to try stuff on (not that he wanted to, but still...) but Punkin
was beside herself with glee- she couldn't try stuff on to model
for photos fast enough! LOL! Everything not labeled otherwise
was made either by my Mother or my Grandmother and now
my daughter is wearing it.
Here are the photos of that session...

My favorite homemade Sundress

My favorite homemade Nightgown
My Junior Girl Scout Uniform (store bought, of course)
Various homemade t-shirts

My Senior Baby Day outfit Mom made for me... (sans the teddy
bear slippers-they didn't survive the attic heat.)

My first Fan Tee (store bought)
(yep, it's Shawn Cassidy!)

My flower girl dress (store bought) from my Grandmother's second wedding in
the late 70s...
Check out those ruffles! I thought I was wearing a modern day
Princess dress! LOL!

Now, I leave you with photos of the twins and their Saturday backyard
campout extraordinaire!

Daytime photos were taken by Punkin and I took the bedtime photo.
They wanted to stay out there on Sunday night too but couldn't get
comfy and were talking too loudly so I suggested they just bag it and
come in....okay, it wasn't quite that sweetly said...but about 30 minutes
after they came in and were in their own comfy beds the skies opened
up and poured rain! All of us were so glad they were already inside
by then! Still, they had a great time on Saturday night.

Hope this wasn't too crazy-long a post and that you enjoyed my
clothing flashback! LOL!