Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!!

We have been really patriotic around here
and usually go see the fireworks displays
in a nearby city but since we are in an
extreme drought we thought we would
decorate with non-fire-fireworks!

What do you think?
With the flags outside and the flag painting inside

and the flag quilt I am sewing

(yep-that's my FIRST quilt Ever!!!)
I'm feeling pretty patriotic!!!



Tipsy Canvas....

has me hooked on acrylic painting!!! That's part of the reason
I haven't been online in a while. The other part is I just don't
have the time I thought I would even though it is Summer!!
: )

Here are the canvases I have painted in order from the
very first one that got me hooked to my most recent

1) Bluebonnets (now on the wall in my dining room):

2) Reflections of the City (now on the wall in the guest room):

3) Fruits of the Spirit

4) Cherry Blossoms (Punkin has claimed this for her room):

5) Palms on the Beach (on the wall in the family room):

6) American Flag (above the fireplace in the family room):
The flag is my favorite but I really have had a blast painting all of these
pictures! I am going to have to start mailing these out for Christmas gifts
if I keep this up! LOL! This is just so much fun!!!