Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Day of LOAD 10/10

I'm behind on posting my completed layouts for LOAD here but
I've kept up with creating them and getting them posted to the
group on the correct days. I feel like I accomplished something
this month just getting those 31 layouts done.

This is just a list of the photos. I will edit this post with the
details later - I don't have access to them right this minute.

Day 23 (digital -Lindsay Jane Designs cluster frames)
Day 24(digital template from Shabby Princess Designs)

Day 25 (digital -will post info later)

Day 26 (digital- will post info later)

Day 27 (digital -will post info later)

Day 28 (digital - will post info later)

Day 29 (digital template/ cluster -will post info later)

Day 30 (digital quick page- will post info later)

Day 31 (digital quick page -DSS designs- will post more info later)

Thanks for visiting my blog during the October Lay Out A Day
Challenge. I enjoyed posting my layouts and sharing the little


Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 22 of LOAD 10/10

The challenge for today was to draw attention to your
photo or story in some way other than a size difference.
So I decided to use this digital quick page.

This is the Apple Hill Quick Page by Ella of and I used spring school photos of
the kids because they actually are dressed more for
Fall than the Fall photos (where they are dressed
for 100 F temps.) I'll be adding journaling around
the edge of the green paper once it is printed out.
I liked this quick page for today's challenge because
the stack of stuff in the middle of the page draws
your eye to it and then down the column. Not
something I usually notice but it's very cool!

I'll be back with another LOAD layout
tomorrow! See you then!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 20 & 21...

Day 20 => Challenge? Make a layout in 30 minutes or less -
grab and go, people, grab and go.

So, I used this digital quick page by Ali Edwards (AE Shutterfly
Quick Page) and added photos of Daddy and the Twins taking
down the play set in the backyard. They decided that the
swings were too small and the slide was too low and they
couldn't play on it anymore. So, we decided to just take
it down and also take down the old rickety trampoline and
get rid of it all. We got $9.00 for all the metal in the
trampoline and the wood from the play set went to the
farm. Now, the kids can run and play with the dogs in the
backyard because we can actually walk back there now. The
dogs are simply beside themselves and don't want to come
indoors! It is just too funny. This layout took longer to
print out than it did to make and I added journaling
around some of the flower shapes.

Day 21 = > Use a very large embellishment or element to
help tell your story and draw the reader in.

Is this embellishment/element big enough? LOL! I drew
this tree trunk on a 12x12 piece of chipboard (from the
back of a pad of scrapbook paper), cut it out while
waiting for the kids to get out of school, base coated it
with a soft brown paint, then used Crackle Medium and
top coated it with a dark brown paint. Then I covered the
back with pop dots and stuck it down to a piece of
Summery patterned paper. I cut out leaves too but
didn’t want to haul out all of my different paints so
I used a package of Prima leaves and added them with
some more pop dots. Basically, I just played and I’m
thrilled with the way it turned out. I think this
may be my favorite photo-free layout ever!

Well, off to bed. See you tomorrow for Day 22.
Only 10 more days of LOAD 10/10 left!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 19 - It feels like it took all day!

I read through the prompt this morning and printed out the
sketch we were supposed to use and then headed back to get
ready for the day. As I passed the backdoor I saw Wiley sitting
on the leftover sand from the playset that we removed a few
weeks ago. He was looking so pleased and content that I ran
back to the kitchen for the camera and took some zoom
photos of him. He really reminded me of the Sphinx (I've
been reading several novels thattake place in Egypt lately)
and so I decided that my accent on the sketch would be a photo
of the Sphinx and then I would use 2 photos of Wiley in that
same position. I love the picture of him yawning - that
one really makes me smile!

Of course, after uploading the photo of the layout to the
Flickr group I realized the mini-alphas of the title are hard
to read. SO I am going to dig out some of my alpha stamps
and use brown ink to stamp "Our Little" on the tag where
the alpha stickers are and change that just a tad. That way the
title will be more visible.

Using the sketch made parts of this layout easier than
others but I still had a hard time adapting my usual
12x12 format to the 8.5x11 format. It's hard to believe
but in 17 years (1993-present) of scrapbooking and
memory keeping I have never used just a plain ol'
8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock as my foundation!
I have always either cut it down or used 12 x 11.5
(the old CM measurements) or 12 x 12 in layouts.
It was fun to try something new. I will be doing
that again soon, too!

See you tomorrow for Day 20!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18 - Got it done Early today!!

Well, the challenge today was to 'go hybrid' and I have been holding on
to this quick page by Marshmella Designs for a while now so I thought
I would go ahead and use it. Now the hybrid part kicks in once this
beauty finishes printing on the HP wide format printer and I can use
a Sharpie pen to journal around the edges on the line! So, all done
for today! Hip Hip Hooray!! Now I'm off to clean the house and
finish some laundry -can't have anyone going to school or work
in their birthday suits. : )

See you later!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

LOAD Day 17 & 16 revisited...

Okay, I said yesterday that I didn't really like the layout I put together
and I knew I would be rearranging it before too long. I just didn't expect
it to happen at 3 am! LOL! I moved the photos around and then this
afternoon I found a journal box sticker that worked better than some
of the other things I tried. I also added some more crystals to the top
of the page and now it feels done.

Then I spent part of the day helping both twins finalize their diorama
designs and stuck around to make sure I was available for help if they
got stuck (they didn't need my help after all!) and by the time I realized
I needed to make a layout for today I was kind of crafted out. So I just
grabbed the extra photos from the group I printed out yesterday and
the extra branches I fussy cut from the flower paper yesterday and
created this layout...

It could use some more of the yellow crystals across the top like the
layout from yesterday but I don't have anymore...maybe one of these
days I'll find some and add them. I also don't have any journaling on
this page because I am going to create a pocket on the back and have
a tab that pulls up from the top so the journaling is hidden but still
available. But it's done and that's really all that matters.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

LOAD Day 16...

Today's challenge was to put everything we done so far to good use.
I don't think I managed that but here is my layout for today.

This is part of an old Scrap Jammies layout kit but I modified it and
added some stuff, etc. I am not real thrilled with the photo layout
and I had a journal tag above the small photos but I didn't like it
there and ripped it off before uploading my layout to the Flickr
group for LOAD. I know I'll figure something out that will work
better but I'm going to bed -maybe I'll come up with a better
design tomorrow.

Good Night!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15

The challenge today was to mix up your theme papers and use them for
photos/stories that are not related to the themes. I wound up creating
a July 4th themed layout because the photo I chose was taken on July 4th
when the twins were 10 months old. I think I would have been more
likely to use other papers if I had changed the photo to black and white
but I don't mind that I didn't meet this challenge -maybe next time.

I do know that all of the papers and embellishments on this layout
are OLD. I just finished going through my patriotic themed stash
and weeded out the stuff I didn't want or wouldn't be using any
time soon and these were some of the things I kept. So glad to
finally be using them.

See you tomorrow for Day 16!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Days 13 and 14...

LOAD marches on...

Day 13=> Challenge -chose some colors that make you feel good and
help to tell the story. Well, I don't know how much they help to tell the
story but I really love the colors I chose. I used pan pastels to create the
background and the flowers, added the photo of the family doing something
outside and the quote and done!
This layout is actually in one of my art journals- it is, in fact, the first
page of that particular journal. It makes me smile every time I open
the cover.

Day 14 => Challenge- use old supplies from your stash to create a layout.

Stash diving led me to the huge chipboard flower, the pinked ledger paper, and the purple-ish acrylic letter pebbles ('me'). I used my new pan pastels on the chipboard and sprayed it with fixatif and then glued it down. The list is just random things that came to mind as I was putting this together- I really had no idea where I was going to go with this huge flower and this patterned paper! LOL! No photo but a revelation - I write too much! (see?)

Okay, more tomorrow.
Good night!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LOAD 10/10 Day 12...

Okay, the challenge today was to use something from our stash
that we really loved. Well, there are tons of things in my stash
that I really love but I had to narrow it down a bit...

I looked through my photos and found the picture of Punkin
after a very active nap and then went hunting for the perfect
materials from my stash. Since I am in the middle of a huge
purge of stuff I knew exactly where to look for little girl
themed materials and immediately found this
overlay/background set, I also had this flower stem
from Prima that I really love and everything just fell into
place. I did write out the story about how she took her
clothes off and didn't get them back on right (both
legs are through one inside-out pant leg) and she
looks completely worn out trying to get redressed.
It was just too cute to pass up with a camera.
The gel pen I used just hasn't dried enough for me
to add it to the layout so I went ahead and uploaded
the picture without it to the Flickr group.
Here, see for yourself! LOL!

Off to bed. See you tomorrow for Day 13.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11...

The challenge for today was to really think about all of the
embellishments we are using on our layout today and make
sure they really enhance the story rather than just making
the page pretty.

I had a hard time with this challenge because I kept removing stuff
and changing the photos around and fixing this and fixing that until
I fixed everything but the cardstock and the title right off the page! LOL!
I think the photos are the most important part of the page and anything
I added to this layout just drew the viewer's attention away from them.
I do need to add the date somewhere on the page but that's no big

See you tomorrow for Day 12!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days 7, 8, 9 and 10....

Day 7 => Challenge: use a photo and title but no other journaling...
This is actually one of my favorite photos and I took it at sunset looking
at the shrimp boats tied up at the People's Street L-Head. I did not
touch up this photo in any way- that is exactly the way the boats looked
in the soft pink orange light of the sunset.

Day 8 => Challenge: Create a layout without any photos. Concentrate
on the story.

Okay, well, I didn't use a photo but I did use chalk pastels to draw the
fish and some sea grass on the patterned paper. So I kind of feel like I
cheated but I'm very happy with the result -wish I could write a bit
straighter but Oh Well. Totally LOVE the white paint pens by Sharpie.
I have not had any luck with any other white pen - they just don't want
to work for me (any brand and I've tried them all!)- but the Sharpie
white paint pen/marker is awesome. I love the results I get with it.

Day 9 => Challenge: Use all of the story telling techniques we have
learned about this past week and create a layout that concentrates
on the story.

Punkin taught herself how to draw a lamb by looking at a stuffed animal
and copying what she saw. Then after creating a few she challenged us
to try our hand at drawing sheep too. This layout doesn't have a photo
but it does include the original drawings. I thought about putting mini
frames around them but, truthfully, I was running out of time to get it
posted due to a lengthy Weblos Pack meeting activity session last night.
I do wish I had made the word "draw" larger than the word "you" in the
title but Oh Well. : )

I had a couple of LOADers ask to see a closer view of the sheep so I also
posted that.
Silly, huh?

Day 10 => Challenge: Use only cardstock, photo, title and journaling to
create a layout today.

I enlarged a photo Hubby took using his iPhone after our celebration
dinner in San Antonio 2 Saturdays ago. Punkin won several different
awards at the Judge's Cup Meet and we were so thrilled that she has
shown so much improvement since just starting to compete in late July.
She wasn't sure even how the events would work and has really gotten
the hang of how the meets run and what is expected. She is super
excited about next year. I'm glad she enjoys it and I'm super proud of

Well, we're 33.3% through the month! See you tomorrow for Day 11!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LOAD Days 5 & 6 ....

Day 5 Challenge => use a black and white photo.

And I did. I have had this photo in my favorites file for quite
a while but I don't think I ever scrapped it. I love the way he
is looking over her head and she is beaming at the camera.
Just love this!!

Day 6 Challenge => Use a film strip or line up photos in a line like a
film strip.

I used a pre-printed zoo animal filmstrip transparency and stapled
it to the background, added my photo of the twins at Gladys Porter
Zoo and then stapled the 'Day at the Zoo' transparency to the top.
I only attached it to the top corners so I can flip it up and add my
journaling on the giraffe paper. This was fun, but looking at the
zoo filmstrip it should probably have some white paper behind it
so you can see the different animals better. Maybe when I fill in the
journaling I will fix that- or maybe not...

Off to bed. See you tomorrow for Day 7!

Monday, October 4, 2010

And the LOAD goes on...

Day 2=> Challenge -use a photo that shows where you are right now.

I made this layout using my iPhone and Coolibah (a free app for
scrapbooking photos on your iPhone) while we were in San
Antonio for Punkin's Gymnastics meet. I had to download some free
kits and found it very difficult to get the elements and items in the
correct places without having to constantly start over. It was pretty
frustrating but I am hoping it will be easier with practice.

The photo is of the twins painting on the 'free paint' wall at the Art
Walk downtown last Friday night. I think this was their favorite part!

Oh- I couldn't get rid of the Coolibah logo on the bottom right corner
there either. Probably have to pay for the 'Extended' app to do that.
Who knows.

Day 3 => Challenge -use a photo and just a title. No journaling. The
photo needs to tell the story.

I took this photo of Punkin showing me how fast she could cross the
bars on the playset at the Texas State Aquarium playground. She
moved back and forth, swinging her legs, zipping across those
bars without stopping or dropping. It was amazing. The look
of pure joy on her face was even more amazing! She has such
strong arms and really loves those bars!

Day 4 => Challenge - close crop your photos to spotlight your story.

I used photos from Flickr to showcase bits of the places I would love
to see. I never really realized I had a Travel Bucket List but apparently
I do! LOL! I look forward to the day when I can replace the Flickr photos
in this layout with photos I took with my own camera. Credits for the
different photos are listed below the layout.

1) Eiffel Tower -Stavros Markopoulos
2 )Kells Priory, Kilkenny, Ireland - Eward Dullard Photography
3) Sawyer Glacier, Alaska -TerryMcT
4) Rainbow Falls, Hawaii - TerryMcT
5) The Great Sphinx & King Khafra's Pyramid on the Giza Plateau- Medhatiblu
6) Venice - Vjekoslav Karadza
7) Kilchurn Castle, Scotland Highlands -Jackfre2
8) Isola di Capri - Alfred Tetzlaff

I just searched Flickr for the different places I wanted to go and
chose a photo that could be close cropped and still be recognizable.
This was a fun challenge.

See you tomorrow with Day 5!

Friday, October 1, 2010

LOAD has started AGAIN!!...


Our first challenge was to create a layout with "Once Upon A Time"
on it. Here is my finished layout...

I've had a layout like this in mind for a while but never actually got
anywhere with it. This prompt was just what I needed to get'r done!

Off to get the kids and head to the CC Art Walk.
See you tomorrow!