Sunday, October 17, 2010

LOAD Day 17 & 16 revisited...

Okay, I said yesterday that I didn't really like the layout I put together
and I knew I would be rearranging it before too long. I just didn't expect
it to happen at 3 am! LOL! I moved the photos around and then this
afternoon I found a journal box sticker that worked better than some
of the other things I tried. I also added some more crystals to the top
of the page and now it feels done.

Then I spent part of the day helping both twins finalize their diorama
designs and stuck around to make sure I was available for help if they
got stuck (they didn't need my help after all!) and by the time I realized
I needed to make a layout for today I was kind of crafted out. So I just
grabbed the extra photos from the group I printed out yesterday and
the extra branches I fussy cut from the flower paper yesterday and
created this layout...

It could use some more of the yellow crystals across the top like the
layout from yesterday but I don't have anymore...maybe one of these
days I'll find some and add them. I also don't have any journaling on
this page because I am going to create a pocket on the back and have
a tab that pulls up from the top so the journaling is hidden but still
available. But it's done and that's really all that matters.

See you tomorrow!

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