Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm mentioned on Donna Downey's Video Blog!!

Seriously! I couldn't believe it! Talk about making me smile!! Wow!

About a quarter of the way into her video blog she answers a portion of a question I had and directs me to contact Bill. Sooo cool to be mentioned like that! Check it out on YouTube right
here. Then check out her website and blog here.

Love ya Donna & Bill!!!


Check out the 10K Blog Candy @ Craftling's Cosy Corner!!

Christine is celebrating 10,000 visitors to her blog and has a drawing going. Go check it out here. What a wonderful list of goodies for someone to win! Congrats Craftling for 10,000 visits in 4 months!!

Also - she has posted a plea to all bloggers to turn off the word verification attached to comments. I don't have any comments on my blog, yet, since I just started it up today, but
I think I will go ahead and leave that off. I have been frustrated with illegible letters and figures
while trying to leave a comment on other blogs and I don't think I want anyone saying that of
their experience with my blog. While I understand how some feel about security, I also see her point. Go check out what she has to say here.

More later,

It all started with a pair of ferrets...

...Welcome to my Blog!!

Way back when, there were 2 adorable ferrets, Calvin & Suzy! They were the beginning of the inspiration for my online persona. 10 years later, there were 2 more ferrets, Oreo & Milkyway...they completed what the first 2 had started and so Csmoferret was born. That was 9 years ago. I have enjoyed remembering my furbabies while adding comments to blogs and emailing friends. Now, I am sharing them with you via my blog! Corny, I know, but I'm that way. Probably good that you know that now. : )

Thanks for visiting! Check back for more interesting posts and, hopefully, pictures!
-Katherine aka Csmoferret!