Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After much help from Mom while she was here
and even more help from Hubby and the twins....


no, really, she is! See for yourself!!

Oh- and all the Christmas decorations are put away! Yeppers! I know
it's hard to believe but it's all true! Those boxes? Oh, they go out in
the recycling pickup tomorrow. So, the only thing on the other side
of the garage will be the bicycles & tricycles! You know I'm happy!

Just had to share!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

( Front and left side of house - 2 tarps along each side.

Since the temperatures have been hovering around freezing
the past few days I decided to cover the plants in the backyard
(specifically the potted plants and the fruit trees) with dog
towels and picnic blankets.

Then it rained. The towels were so heavy, once they
got wet, that my plants were being broken up. So, I removed
the towels and figured they would just have to brave the cold
until the rain stopped. Meanwhile, I hit the local box store
and bought the last two painter's drop clothes and tried
to protect the potted plants with the dry covers.

My wonderful Cotton Farmer Hubby decided I was not
getting anywhere with my tiny towels and drop clothes and
picnic blankets and brought home several Cotton Module
Tarps. He and a couple of guys from the farm spread the
tarps out over ALL of my plants, not just the select
few I had tried to save.

I felt much better about the fruit trees and roses and
bird of paradise and hibiscus, I watched the
temperature drop past freezing yesterday evening. It
finally rose above 32F this morning around 11am and will,
hopefully, not be below freezing for very long tonight.

The tarps stopped traffic. Of course we live on
a corner with a stop sign so traffic stops on 2 sides
anyway but ALL of the traffic was stopping after the
tarps were up! LOL! It kind of looks like we have
buses parked along the walls of the house
and certainly makes you look twice.

They made me laugh out loud as I walked around
the front of the house. Talk about 'over protected'! : )
Well, you can see for yourself...

Note: Having the clean tarps in the front and the dirty one in the back was
pure chance. The guys just unrolled and covered and never even noticed
the condition of the tarps. The orange fence under the trampoline is to
keep the puppy out of the mud that the rain has generated for us. One
of these days (hopefully very soon) the trampoline will go away and a
nice rock creek bed (of my own design and creation) will take care of
our mud problem once and for all. The blue tarp on the edges of the
trampoline did not make it through the freeze last night- they totally
cracked up and blew around in the breeze this morning. Anyone know
where to get another edge cover?

So, I'm off to light another fire log in the fireplace and
get some laundry done... Stay Warm, where ever you are!