Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy delayed new year from the Pensacola airport


Katherine said...

Blogger keeps dropping my blog message so I'm adding this note to let the family know i'm delayed about 4hours and won't be arriving until late. More later.

LaLa said...

Happy New year Katherine. I spent mine in Austin. Helping taking care of the kids while their Daddy recuperated from a sinus procedure. This is the first time Mike & I haven't been together for NYs in 36 years. I did not like it a bit. Let's get together. Laura

Katherine said...

Hi Laura!
Happy New Year to you and yours! I didn't care for being in a different state from DH either. It just didn't feel like the year started until after I finally got home late on the 3rd. (So much for being home by lunch time...)

We definitely need to get the group together for some quality scrappin' time!

Love ya!