Sunday, August 31, 2008

Check out the 10K Blog Candy @ Craftling's Cosy Corner!!

Christine is celebrating 10,000 visitors to her blog and has a drawing going. Go check it out here. What a wonderful list of goodies for someone to win! Congrats Craftling for 10,000 visits in 4 months!!

Also - she has posted a plea to all bloggers to turn off the word verification attached to comments. I don't have any comments on my blog, yet, since I just started it up today, but
I think I will go ahead and leave that off. I have been frustrated with illegible letters and figures
while trying to leave a comment on other blogs and I don't think I want anyone saying that of
their experience with my blog. While I understand how some feel about security, I also see her point. Go check out what she has to say here.

More later,


Christine (Craftling) said...

Brilliant! Thank you, Katherine! This is exactly how I see it working! :o)

The link people need to use to get to my candy is the second one that you gave, HERE

They will find all the details there.

Thanks again, and good luck with the draw! You now have FIVE entries!

Chris xx

Katherine said...

Thanks for the comments! Thank you for pointing out the correct link, too! Sorry about that! I was going to link to the list, the contest & the essay but edited out some of my text and lost the link! Ah well, you've rescued us! Thank you!!