Monday, October 4, 2010

And the LOAD goes on...

Day 2=> Challenge -use a photo that shows where you are right now.

I made this layout using my iPhone and Coolibah (a free app for
scrapbooking photos on your iPhone) while we were in San
Antonio for Punkin's Gymnastics meet. I had to download some free
kits and found it very difficult to get the elements and items in the
correct places without having to constantly start over. It was pretty
frustrating but I am hoping it will be easier with practice.

The photo is of the twins painting on the 'free paint' wall at the Art
Walk downtown last Friday night. I think this was their favorite part!

Oh- I couldn't get rid of the Coolibah logo on the bottom right corner
there either. Probably have to pay for the 'Extended' app to do that.
Who knows.

Day 3 => Challenge -use a photo and just a title. No journaling. The
photo needs to tell the story.

I took this photo of Punkin showing me how fast she could cross the
bars on the playset at the Texas State Aquarium playground. She
moved back and forth, swinging her legs, zipping across those
bars without stopping or dropping. It was amazing. The look
of pure joy on her face was even more amazing! She has such
strong arms and really loves those bars!

Day 4 => Challenge - close crop your photos to spotlight your story.

I used photos from Flickr to showcase bits of the places I would love
to see. I never really realized I had a Travel Bucket List but apparently
I do! LOL! I look forward to the day when I can replace the Flickr photos
in this layout with photos I took with my own camera. Credits for the
different photos are listed below the layout.

1) Eiffel Tower -Stavros Markopoulos
2 )Kells Priory, Kilkenny, Ireland - Eward Dullard Photography
3) Sawyer Glacier, Alaska -TerryMcT
4) Rainbow Falls, Hawaii - TerryMcT
5) The Great Sphinx & King Khafra's Pyramid on the Giza Plateau- Medhatiblu
6) Venice - Vjekoslav Karadza
7) Kilchurn Castle, Scotland Highlands -Jackfre2
8) Isola di Capri - Alfred Tetzlaff

I just searched Flickr for the different places I wanted to go and
chose a photo that could be close cropped and still be recognizable.
This was a fun challenge.

See you tomorrow with Day 5!

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