Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days 7, 8, 9 and 10....

Day 7 => Challenge: use a photo and title but no other journaling...
This is actually one of my favorite photos and I took it at sunset looking
at the shrimp boats tied up at the People's Street L-Head. I did not
touch up this photo in any way- that is exactly the way the boats looked
in the soft pink orange light of the sunset.

Day 8 => Challenge: Create a layout without any photos. Concentrate
on the story.

Okay, well, I didn't use a photo but I did use chalk pastels to draw the
fish and some sea grass on the patterned paper. So I kind of feel like I
cheated but I'm very happy with the result -wish I could write a bit
straighter but Oh Well. Totally LOVE the white paint pens by Sharpie.
I have not had any luck with any other white pen - they just don't want
to work for me (any brand and I've tried them all!)- but the Sharpie
white paint pen/marker is awesome. I love the results I get with it.

Day 9 => Challenge: Use all of the story telling techniques we have
learned about this past week and create a layout that concentrates
on the story.

Punkin taught herself how to draw a lamb by looking at a stuffed animal
and copying what she saw. Then after creating a few she challenged us
to try our hand at drawing sheep too. This layout doesn't have a photo
but it does include the original drawings. I thought about putting mini
frames around them but, truthfully, I was running out of time to get it
posted due to a lengthy Weblos Pack meeting activity session last night.
I do wish I had made the word "draw" larger than the word "you" in the
title but Oh Well. : )

I had a couple of LOADers ask to see a closer view of the sheep so I also
posted that.
Silly, huh?

Day 10 => Challenge: Use only cardstock, photo, title and journaling to
create a layout today.

I enlarged a photo Hubby took using his iPhone after our celebration
dinner in San Antonio 2 Saturdays ago. Punkin won several different
awards at the Judge's Cup Meet and we were so thrilled that she has
shown so much improvement since just starting to compete in late July.
She wasn't sure even how the events would work and has really gotten
the hang of how the meets run and what is expected. She is super
excited about next year. I'm glad she enjoys it and I'm super proud of

Well, we're 33.3% through the month! See you tomorrow for Day 11!

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