Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 20 & 21...

Day 20 => Challenge? Make a layout in 30 minutes or less -
grab and go, people, grab and go.

So, I used this digital quick page by Ali Edwards (AE Shutterfly
Quick Page) and added photos of Daddy and the Twins taking
down the play set in the backyard. They decided that the
swings were too small and the slide was too low and they
couldn't play on it anymore. So, we decided to just take
it down and also take down the old rickety trampoline and
get rid of it all. We got $9.00 for all the metal in the
trampoline and the wood from the play set went to the
farm. Now, the kids can run and play with the dogs in the
backyard because we can actually walk back there now. The
dogs are simply beside themselves and don't want to come
indoors! It is just too funny. This layout took longer to
print out than it did to make and I added journaling
around some of the flower shapes.

Day 21 = > Use a very large embellishment or element to
help tell your story and draw the reader in.

Is this embellishment/element big enough? LOL! I drew
this tree trunk on a 12x12 piece of chipboard (from the
back of a pad of scrapbook paper), cut it out while
waiting for the kids to get out of school, base coated it
with a soft brown paint, then used Crackle Medium and
top coated it with a dark brown paint. Then I covered the
back with pop dots and stuck it down to a piece of
Summery patterned paper. I cut out leaves too but
didn’t want to haul out all of my different paints so
I used a package of Prima leaves and added them with
some more pop dots. Basically, I just played and I’m
thrilled with the way it turned out. I think this
may be my favorite photo-free layout ever!

Well, off to bed. See you tomorrow for Day 22.
Only 10 more days of LOAD 10/10 left!


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