Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Painted Wine Goblets...

I painted these goblets at the local Creative Arts Center for my Honey and I.
They were bisqueware that I painted and then had glazed and fired. The polka
dots continue all the way around the rest of the goblets with only the space
for the initials. The owner has a goblet that is orange, green, black and purple
that was my inspiration for these. I have admired hers for a couple of years
and finally decided to make some for us! Love how they came out!
They are lots of fun to use, too!



Tammy said...

Cute!!!! I love the blog and am starving after seeing those hot dogs. I would love to check out the place you did the wine goblets. I am Inspired...

Katherine said...

Hey Tammy!
We'll have to stop by the PCAC the next time you're are in town! We could make up some of those dogs for lunch instead of going out...
: )