Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living Inspired...

Donna Downey has started a campaign to encourage everyone to live an
inspired life everyday.

I have added a button at the top left of my blog that will take you right to
her post explaining the campaign.

I'm inspired! Are you?



Christine (Craftling) said...

Excellent link! Thanks for that! Have added it to my blog and left a comment for Donna, too.

What has inspired you today?

Chris xx

Katherine said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks for visiting!

Just watched the sunrise and am inspired by all the colors in the morning sky! Now if only I could get to my paints and such! I'm setting my photos aside so I can work on a painting related to the sunrise once we get our house back in order. And sketching out some ideas on computer paper to put with them.

Thanks for participating!

Elena said...

Hello Katherine! Thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving nice comments! Very interesting link you posted!