Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget...

It is so hard to believe my children are going to celebrate
their 9th birthday in 11 days. That means that it has been
8 years since our Country was attacked.

Where has the time gone? Where has all of the Good Will amongst
Americans gone? What have we allowed to happen to our
Country? So many questions that need answers and
yet, the most important thing is - We must NEVER FORGET
what happened that day and the fact that it could happen
again if we let our guard down. I don't mean to sound paranoid
(because I am not) but I do mean to sound prepared (because
I am) and wary. I have not looked at daily life the same since
seeing those planes hit the World Trade Center Towers that
day. I am more grateful for what I have and for what our
Country means and stands for and I think that is important
to pass on to my children.

The thing is, this change will forever be linked in my mind
to the twins' first birthday. I couldn't believe we had brought
children into a relatively safe and sane world only to have
everything change before they were even a year old. So much
changed that day- our innocence, if you will, was stolen. It
wasn't all about us anymore. The universe didn't revolve
around our house or our jobs or our feelings anymore.
That hasn't changed back in our house, but I know there
are those out there who have 'put it all behind them' and
'moved on' and no longer see what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully, that isn't the prevalent feeling. I believe it
brought my family closer to our God, it brought our
relatives closer together, it brought our
neighbors closer together, it brought our communities
closer together and, it brought our Nation, as a whole,
closer together.

Well, I know this has been long but today is our
Day of Remembrance. I hope it is as meaningful to
you as it is to me.

May God Bless America and Protect the men
and women
who put their lives on the
line for us everyday!


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