Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrap by Color Much?

If you do and you have a photo that you are just stumped
on a color scheme for check out the cool new tool just
released on!!

It is called Scrap By Color and it is a free program that
allows you to upload your own picture and choose your
background color and possible sketches from the palette
it creates based on the colors in your photo.

I uploaded this picture of the twins and it chose about
24 different colors that were in the photo and then
I was able to click on the sketches buttons and see
sketch ideas using different color schemes from the

This was very easy to use and I was able to play with the
colors I chose as a background paper and run through
the sketches multiple times with different colors as the
basis for my layout. Of course, this was with only one
photo and the sketches were kind of simple but they
did provide a nice 'jump-off' point for my scrapbook
work. Now, I don't really have an excuse for dropping
everything and scrapping the photo. Hmm...

Watch the information video here.


Edited to add: Stacy Julian just added the same thing to her
blog! Great minds, I guess... check it out here.

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