Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can you Collage?

I can! Reading through my Google Reader Blog list last night I discovered
Linda's post here. That directed me to this blog which pointed me to this
website and Vincent Cheung's Shape Collage program! (Whew!!)

This baby rocks! Vincent's program is fantabulous! I took all 28 LOAD
layout photos (and the ScrapYourTrip.Com die cut that I had to share
with all of the LOAD participants 'cause it made me giggle-so
29 images total) that I had uploaded to my Flickr account (and had in a
convenient folder on my desktop) and loaded them into Shape Collage,
chose the shape of the collage, the color of the photo borders and pushed
the 'create' button. Viola! The gorgeous heart shaped collage you see
above! Just slip some nice photo paper into your color printer and
print that bad boy out to scrapbook or frame!

Just select a different shape and click on the 'create' button and here
is another perfect collage! This is so cool I may be making collages
for every event we take photos for! LoL! Seriously, it's super easy
and you will love the results!

Oh! When you do decide you just have to Collage, there are versions
for everyone! Mac, PC and so on... Nobody gets left out! Vincent
? You are my newest hero!


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