Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspired '09 Heart Charm Swap

I finished up my Aqua Heart Charms for the Inspired Artist Weekend Swap
last night and mailed them off this morning. Thanks to FedEx they will be
there by the Friday deadline. Yay!!

I'm happy with the way these finally turned out. I wasn't happy with all
of the samples I made up. They just didn't look right and the aqua wasn't
aqua enough. In fact, a couple of the pieces I made even looked a bit green
when put together with all of the other charms.

I also had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to use as the heart of the
charm - I had some really adorable aqua shell shaped hearts that would
have been perfect but I only had 4 and I needed 15 and I spent too much
time and energy trying to find more. So, since the metal needed to be
silver I decided to use these silver hearts and just make dangles.

Of course, the lighting late last night was horrible and I must have
wiggled the camera because this was the best photo I came out with.
Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was so fuzzy at the time and boxed
up the charms and mailed them off before actually downloading the
data card from my camera! That'll learn me! Ah well, such is the
way of things.

I hope these past muster with the other Heart Charm Ladies.
I'm off to work on a couple more Inspired Swaps - I'll have more
to share soon...



Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. You get into the neatest things. Glad I checked your blog today. LaLa

Campbell Family said...

Hi Katherine,

Those are such fun charms! What a great idea for a swap! Thanks for being such a great customer since the beginning!!! You are the best!


P.S. You are a winner!!! :)