Saturday, February 28, 2009

LOAD Day 28 - Lil Wildcat Punkin!

This is my final LOAD 2009 Challenge layout.

I started to make a different lay out since it was the end of the
challenge but Punkin wanted to know why I wasn't using her
school photo for my next page. Then, as I was pulling stuff out
to make it different she got a bit upset that it wasn't going to
be in the same 'Wildcat Style' as Buddy's. So, with
a big sigh, I put away the cool purple papers I had pulled out and
pulled out the Wildcat papers again.

I'm glad I did because I like the way the two lay outs turned out.
They make a good 2 page lay out in the album. I have journaled
to her on a pull out Jenni Bowlin tag that is hiding on the left
of her big photo. (See the red ribbon tab.) She read it while I was
typing this post and I got a huge hug so I guess she liked what
I wrote to her. (Smile!))

Here are my supplies...
"I will not hit boys" chalkboard patterned paper - Rusty Pickle
"Wildcat" patterned paper & Spirit Scraps Topper - 2 Scrappin' Sisters (circa 2002)
Lipstick red chalk cat eye ink pad - Color Box
Red ink & Blue ink pens - Sharpie
Red ribbon - my stash (I think it was part of an old hair bow)
Staples- Office Depot
Jenni Bowlin Journal card

Not much different from Buddy's page. The chalkboard
paper from Rusty Pickle is really the only difference. It
says "I will not hit boys." and that just tickles me! (and
the Punkin, too! She was laughing at the paper!)

So, with this lay out I am done with my 28 lay outs
in 28 days! I have really enjoyed participating in this
and I discovered there is a way to be creative every day
even if just for a minute or two. There were times I had
to wait until after the kids went to bed, but I was still
able to get a page done before midnight my time (CST)
and posted to the Flickr LOAD gallery by the midnight
(PST) deadline.

I feel like I have really accomplished
something - too bad it wasn't something that needed
to be checked off my To Do List.
Well, maybe it was.

I don't seem to find much time for me, and, in fact,
I seem to spend a whole bunch of my day volunteering
at the school (I'm the Can Day Lady!), running the
kids to their after school activities (or picking them up
from their activities), running errands for Hubby, and
the typical groceries and post office, etc. Needless to say,
I can get that stuff done, make a page/lay out and still
watch 24 (via HULU) with Hubby all before bed!
Who knew? I have felt run-around-crazy over the
past several months but not creative and this
challenge changed the way I looked at my days.

I can be creative. I now know I can do it. I guess
what I mean is I remembered how to do it.
Now, I just have to remember what I discovered
and apply it every week from now on. LOL!

Okay, this blog has been the place to record
all the info about each layout for the entire
challenge and I have noticed several 'go to'
embellishments that I am tired of. I used them far
more than I anticipated and I also discovered there
were other things I never used even though I got them
out for each page. I am going to either stop/start using
stuff or I am going to have to go through my stash and
get rid of even more. Hmmm...Hubby is gonna love that!

Thank you for being here through my challenge
and for the comments that you left. I have had
fun. I will still be posting but I won't necessarily
be doing it every day. Just thought I would let you
know! LOL!

Oh and just in case you thought I was done with
Lay Out Challenges - I'm signing up for the LOAW - Lay Out
A Week! Why not? I'm doing this for me and I really enjoyed
it - besides, a lay out a week should be a cakewalk after meeting
the LOAD challenge. Right? : )

See you before midnight next Saturday night!


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