Sunday, February 22, 2009

LOAD Day 22 - The Many Moods of Gigi Cat!

I have made several mini books about the dog so I decided I needed
to make at least a page about the cat! Gigi is so funny and makes us
laugh, so it was easy to come up with photos of her doing silly things.

Gigi was my Grandmother's cat and joined our family over a year ago.
Since then she has really become an important member of our
household. She spends most of her days lazing on a soft blanket
on the sofa or following me around the house as I do my chores
chittering and meowing as I go. She is a real hoot! We call her
all sorts of names from "Gigi Cat", "Whiskers", "Gigi Weegi" and
"KittyGirl" to "H-H" which is Daddy's name for her based on the
old "HAL"/IBM name from the Sci Fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
(Daddy, will you clean G's litterbox? Sorry Mom I can't do that...
see? straight out of 2001!)

Our favorite bit of silliness is seeing her roll over onto her back with all
of her paws sticking up in the air. She looks so comfortable and will
stay in that position long enough to fall asleep. She will waltz
into the room, meow, and then lay down and roll over onto her back
with a look that says "pay attention to me but don't try to pet my

She also loves to play with Buddy's shoes and we frequently
find her contentedly laying on top of his shoes after having
washed them clean.

Lately, she has taken to trying to groom Whimsy, the Shetland
Sheepdog. Everything from washing her ears to smoothing
her tail. Talk about an unhappy puppy! She is not the least
bit thrilled and we have to give her a treat every time she
survives a Gigi wash! You'd think she would be a bit
happier with the treats thrown in - but no. She still
gives me the "I can't believe you brought this cat into
my house" look. She's pretty good about it, though.

Anyway - that is just a few of the reasons I decided to make
the layout tonight. Of course, I will journal all of this onto the
page before I add it to the LOAD album tonight!

Here are the supplies:
Cat Toys patterned paper - Hot Off the Press
Sparkle Word Block Rub-ons - Cloud 9 Design
Cat brads - Eyelet Outlet (
Green Puffy Alphabet stickers - Making Memories
Tiny Alphabet stickers - Making Memories

Day 22 is done and uploaded. Only 6 more days!
See you tomorrow!


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