Friday, February 20, 2009

LOAD Day 20 - Ski

Well, Lain's challenge for today was to show snow on our layout.
This was the perfect challenge for the extra photo we purchased
from the professional photographers on the ski slopes in Jackson Hole
this January!

This was the first day of skiing on the annual family ski trip and the kids
were just getting back into the groove when the photographer showed up.
He was able to get some really good shots. We had 3 made into a tri-photo
frame and the other 2 were left for me to scrapbook! Yay!

This was the day that Buddy decided to try his luck jumping creeks...
um, okay, not really. He wanted to ski the terrain park, didn't
decide which fork in the path to take quickly enough and wound up
sailing over a log and into the creek. Punkin saw him go over the
edge and stopped to point Daddy in the right direction. Meanwhile,
Buddy was suspended over the water by his skis. Only his hands were
getting wet! He, of course, was calling for help when Daddy arrived
on the scene. Apparently, Buddy was flying!

Daddy said he had to take Buddy's skis off and lift him out of the creek
by his jacket. It was pretty traumatic and even a warm bath and hot
cocoa didn't bring Buddy out of his funk until late in the evening.
We made sure that he knew there was no way he was going to be
stuck there or that he was going to drown or wash away (the fears
he expressed) and that Punkin and Daddy and Grandpa were all
there and were helping him. He was never alone. (That was a

The next morning he was ready to join ski school
and get up the mountain. It was an adventure he
got to tell all his school friends about when they got back
home! Something Daddy & I won't ever forget either. (I
even walked out with Daddy one afternoon after the
lifts closed and saw first hand where the creek was
and his ski prints were still there 4 days later.)

He laughs about it now, which is good.

Anyway - sorry for that trip down memory lane!
Here are the supplies for the layout...
Red Snowflake border 12x12 paper - ScrapYour
Glisten Snowflake - Creative Imaginations
Black Hopscotch alphabet stickers - Doodlebug
Black frame rub-on - 7 Gypsies
Black and white Clear Extras detail from back of packaging - Heidi Swapp
Black ink - Zig writer

Day 20 is uploaded and done.
See you tomorrow!!

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