Sunday, February 15, 2009

LOAD Day 15 - Silliness

The layout today reflects something that is part of my every day life.
That being said, everyone who knows my family knows that we
are just plain silly - all the time! We quote movie lines to each
other, wear silly hats, make goofy faces, sing silly made up songs
and laugh - a lot and loudly!

When I first met my husband, I was a quiet laugher. I would
tee hee behind my hand and giggle quietly at jokes and stories.
After a few dates with him, I was laughing out loud and feeling
better than I had ever felt. I think it really hit me at the Dollar
Cinema at an weekend afternoon screening of Liar Liar. We
enjoyed the movie immensely and laughed loudly and
truly genuinely. It dawned on me that not everyone
is as lucky. Of course, I realized at the time that most of
the people in the theater were there for the
air conditioning and comfortable place to sit rather
than the movie, but still it made me think.

Ever since then, I have laughed loudly and really enjoyed
the laugh. It does a body good to let it all out and a good
laugh can be exhausting. I know, more info than you wanted
but this layout really made me reflect on this aspect of
our family life. I wanted to show a bit of the silliness
rampant in our house.

Here are the supplies:
Blue cardstock - American Crafts
Green cardstock -Bazzill
Shrek wall decor stickers - York (these are like Wallies)
Felt alphabet stickers -Making Memories
Journal spot -
Black ink - Zig writer
Rub-on words - Li'l Davis Designs

The doodling around the edge is scraplifted from a LOAD
layout in the Flickr gallery. I just can't remember exactly
who created it. Loved the look and had to duplicate it

Well, Day 15 was up and on time but this post is past midnight soooo
see you in the morning!

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