Friday, February 20, 2009

Punkin's First Scrapbook Layout!!

Today is a ReD Letter Day in our house!

Punkin designed and created and completed her very first
solo scrapbook layout!!!

Here it is...
It is all her design and she worked on it late last night and today.
Take a look at the journaling! Too awesome!

Totally love that she wants to do this too! Of course, now she's not going
to be content with just my leftover supplies! ...Smile... : )

Now, she's got another page in the works. She's very excited about it and
says it will be available for posting soon. : ) I'm very proud of her!

Just had to share!
Csmoferret & Punkin


Anonymous said...

Great job Pumkin. You have great penmaship for a little kid. What is RED letter day. LaLa

Katherine said...

Important days on calendars used to be printed in red. Holidays and such. So if a day is important for some reason we call it a "Red Letter" day. That is something my Parents & Grandparents always did. Pretty silly, huh?

Punkin will be thrilled you left her a comment! Thanks Laura!

Anonymous said...

Not silly at all, actually it is a pretty cool idea. I think I will share that with my girls & maybe they will share with the grand kids.
Tell PUNKIN "sorry"about the spelling of her name on the 1st comment. LaLa