Thursday, February 26, 2009

LOAD Day 26 - Sea Monkeys!

Today's challenge was to complete a layout in 30 minutes or less.
Since I had printed out these pictures yesterday I decided to
use them for today's challenge. And because Punkin gets braces
after school tonight, I decided to make my layout super early!

We have Sea Monkeys living in our kitchen once again. This time it
is thanks to Santa Claus and his Elves. The first set of Sea Monkeys
were given to the twins by their Aunt and Uncle from Boston as a
birthday present. They were doing really well on the windowsill in
the kitchen when they were accidentally exposed to cleaner overspray.
They expired immediately. It was very sad. It was even sadder when
I had to explain what had happened to the twins when they got home
from school that day.

Santa Claus decided we should have a second chance raising Sea
Monkeys and each twin got a Sea Monkey kit in their stocking.
We waited until the temperature outside was in the 60's (F) at
night so they wouldn't get too cold on the window sill. The aquarium
sets were prepped and ready on Groundhog Day. By the next week
we had dozens of tiny dots swimming around. Today, there
are bunches of Monkeys in the bowls.

Of course, throughout the process of taking care of these things
the kids have had questions like "Why don't they look like the
pictures on the food package?" and "Why aren't they cute like
the pictures?" Since they are a type of brine shrimp, we have
been able to Google all the information we want (and more)
so they can read up on their watery pets. Of course, all the
info still doesn't answer the questions about why the guy
who decided to market these things would have come up
with underwater aliens for models.

To be honest, I think they are bit on the creepy side.
I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but I
remember being so disappointed when I realized the
real thing looked nothing like the photos and I have
seen the same look on the faces of my children. It is
a good thing to learn, but it does tend to dim the excitement
a bit.

So far, they enjoy feeding and taking care of their
Sea Monkeys and that is a good thing.

Here is my supply list:
Cardstock - Bazzill
Watery patterned paper - Unknown from my stash
Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink pad - Ranger
Black ink - Sharpie
Old Sea Monkey ads -

Day 26 is up - bright and early! Now I've got a house
to clean (after I move the Sea Monkeys to a safe place!)

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