Sunday, February 1, 2009

LOAD Day 1

I am participating in LOAD (Lay Out A Day) all of this month. That means
I will have 28 layouts at the end of this month. I was part of LOAD last year
when it was hosted by Big Picture Scrapbooking (or BPS) and really
enjoyed it. It forced me to actually stop for a bit and create a page - it
didn't have to be a work of art or perfect or even the best layout I've
ever done - it just had to be completed by midnight and uploaded to the
group gallery. It was the most crafting I did the entire year and I am
looking forward to doing it all over again. My first layout was done
just after the Super Bowl ended and has been uploaded to the flickr
gallery. So, I'm off and running...

Here it is...
yep, that is one of my valentine cards from the Little Birdies Swap.
I don't know, it was laying there and it just sort of jumped from the
desk onto the layout. It worked with what I was going for with the
photo so it got to stay. I will probably add some more private
journaling inside the card but for now, this layout is done!

Off to bed - LOAD Day 2 will be here soon enough.

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