Monday, February 23, 2009

LOAD Day 23 - It's my Birthday & I'll Skate if I want to!

We decided to drive out of state and visit my family the day after Christmas
and that meant I would be celebrating my Birthday there. Since the kids
got skates from Santa and Daddy had a pair of inline skates that we got
as wedding presents (no joke!) I decided I needed to replace my broken
inline skates. So I purchased a pair of "retro rink skates" at Academy on
sale and we drove to the local Skating Rink.

I had the best pair of skates for the slick floors because mine were made
to be used in a rink. The kids and Daddy weren't so lucky. Their wheels
were so slick the kids kept sliding down, doing the splits or just plain
falling down. By the time we got all the way around the rink they were
so tired and upset they didn't even want to try out the rink skates Daddy
rented for them. They did get a kick out of watching Daddy and I skate
around while they had a cool drink and took photos.

We had fun but not as much fun as I had been hoping we would. The next
day Daddy found a really big cement picnic area near the baseball fields and
we were all able to skate around the picnic tables without falling or sliding
down. The fact that there weren't any other people around to get in the way
or laugh at us as we fell made a difference for the kids too. They were able to
relax and enjoy skating. It was a whole lot more fun the second day!

Here are my supplies for the page:
Cardstock from my stash
Patterned paper - Sassafrass Lass
Blue & green Frosting - Glitz
Victoria Journaling card - Jenni Bowlin
Crazy Numbers - Elles Studio (
Flowers - Prima Essentials 5
Brads - Such Boy brads by S.E.I.
Black & pink ink - Zig writer

I just started grabbing stuff from my big pile of scrapbook supplies in the
dining room for this layout and probably put more on the page than I
would have if I had really been paying attention! LOL! I just kept adding
something here or there. Finally I took a couple of things off and called
it done.

Day 23 is done and loaded on Flickr. Yay! Only 5 more days!
See you tomorrow!

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