Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOAW & FBC - Gotta keep that MoJo goin'!

Okay, after creating a lay out a day for the February LOAD
Challenge I was positive my MoJo was kaput. I was pretty
worn out on March 1st but I decided to go ahead and sign up
for the Lay Out A Week Challenge. I mean, why not? Right?
If anything would get it goin' again, then that would. And,
it has - I've gotten lots of other things on my ToDo List done.
Cleaning, organizing, cooking, exercising, reading, cleaning,
and more organizing. Oh, and some scrapbooking, too!
It has been great!

Then, since I don't know the meaning of "leave well enough
alone" I signed up for a Faith Based Scrapbook Class. Now,
I've never done something like this before but it sounded
like fun. It is based on the book Born to Be Wild -
Rediscover the Freedom of Fun
by Jill Baughan and it is
led by Judy and the free classes are shared on
her blog. The great thing about both the class and the
challenge happening at the same time is I get my one
layout per week done and it can do double duty if necessary!
Perfect! LOL!

Of course, the first layout of the Faith Based class (FBC)
was about who I enjoy spending time with and I think
the search for photos and all of the memories that they
brought back as I put together the page has filled my
mind with some great ideas for a "friends" album. Yep-
a whole album of friends. Now, if know me (and I
know a couple of you do) then you are probably aware
that I have been a student at BigPictureScrapbooking (BPS)
for several years (okay, since they started up in 2005 with
Cathy Zielske teaching the first class!) and one of my favorite
classes was Library of Memories (LOM) with Stacy Julian.

One of the main ideas of LOM is that you create albums that
showcase the following groups -1) All about Us, 2) People we Love,
3) Places we Go and 4) Things we Do. So, now, I know what
you are thinking - "Cosmo, you should already have an
album about Friends because of the 'People We Love' album."

And you know what? You would be right. HOWEVER, I want to
create a special album JUST about MY friends. Does that make
sense? All of the Family Friends and Relatives, etc are in the
People we Love album so no one gets left out - I promise! LOL!
Of course, I have also filled up a sketch page with layout ideas
for most of my friends! Now, I just need to get the photos out
and everything put together -- thank goodness for infinite
free time! LOL! See? I think the LOAW challenge is timed
perfectly to help me complete this project!

The supplies I used on this layout are...
Cardstock - Bazzill
29th Street Market "Beloved Blooms" patterned paper - My Mind's Eye
Tres Jolie Tres Bien "Family Tree" French Borders (stripes & 'all together')- My Mind's Eye
Lax White Glitter Thickers - American Crafts
Brown Ledger patterned paper - Creative Imaginations
Ribbon from my stash
Icicle Stickles - Ranger
White ink pen - Uniball by Signo
Foam mounting tape - Duck

Well, since this is the first Saturday (or any day, really)
that we haven't had a dozen or more activities scheduled
I am going to go relax on the sofa with the kids and play
Apples to Apples. A fun, goofy way to spend the evening!

See you later!

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