Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to make a comment...

I just got an email from a nice lady who asked 'How do I comment on
your blog?'

Well, you decide which post you wish to leave a comment on and then
scroll to the bottom. There is a 'comments' statement on the right of the
blog post at the bottom. If there are no comments it will say '0 comments'
and if there are some comments then it will give that number and then
the word. For example, '5 comments' means there are 5 comments
attached to that blog post.

Using your mouse, click on the '0 comments' (or '#comments' , if you
prefer) and then you will be automagically taken to a comments

Fill out your comment and then your email info and click on
the orange publish your comment button. Your comment
will not show up on my blog right away, instead, it will be
emailed to me and I will read it and post it to the blog myself.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see it show up on the blog
post - it will get posted as soon as I see it.

I do appreciate all of the emails I have received regarding
the porn site comment and I also appreciate how many
of you are willing to put up with comment moderation.
I am curious, though, as to the number of you who enjoy
emailing but don't bother to comment.

I would love to post comments to my blog so
please don't be shy!


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