Saturday, April 4, 2009

LOAW 5 Uploaded... & more

Well, I had hoped to get this layout done and uploaded before today
because I wanted to be ahead of the game but life took a decidedly
more interesting path on Wednesday afternoon. More about that in
a minute. Here is the info about the layout...

This is the other half of the Scrapjammies kit I used to make the other
ballet layout and I also added a few ballet stickers from K&Co and
journaled with a Sharpie marker. This layout will stand alone and will
be in our All About Us LOM album in Punkin's section. Even though it
is about ballet, the journaling is to her about her and not about 'Things
we Do" or any of the other album subjects. That's why I decided to place
it in 'Us'.

I loved her routine for this tap performance, but I thought the
costumes were kind of different. I don't know, I guess the way the
kids were wearing them with their bellies hanging out like they were
pregnant really looked odd but they had fun. The stage moms
(me included) tried to straighten out the costumes before they
walked on stage but as soon as the girls started to move the
bloomers bunched up and the top pulled up under their arms.
Kind of odd, but I'm a prude. I know.Sorry, I just can't help it.

I did make the big initials on all of the towels and the girls came
out on stage wrapped in their towels with their initials showing
to the crowd. Then when the music (She wore an itsy bitsy yellow
polka dot bikini) got to the line where the chorus starts "1,2,3,4
Tell the people what she wore..." they dropped their towels
and started their routine. It was too cute! You could tell
this was the girls favorite routine because they all were very
focused and really having fun with it.

The most important part of the routine? Punkin had a great
time doing it and really enjoyed being on stage with her
friends. Believe me, the smiles that they all wore were

So that is my layout for the week. I had hoped to make more
than one - I have several ideas floating around in my head but
this is the only one I managed to finish. So at least I'm on time
posting. Yay!

Okay, about last week. Just a warning, this is long and ...

***** If you don't like hospital stories skip out now and have a great day!*****

On Wednesday, Buddy started complaining about the
right side of his abdomen hurting. I knew he had exercised
pretty heavily with Daddy the day before and gave him some
tylenol meltaways and put some ice on his hip (where he was
pointing). That seemed to help and he took another
dose of tylenol at bedtime.

When he got up on Thursday morning he was crying about it
hurting even more and I told him I would make an appointment
for the doctor and pick him up from school. Well, I got the
appointment made for 10am but he didn't wait. I got a call at
9am from the school nurse saying he had returned all of his
breakfast in a trashcan in class and would need to leave the
premises because he was obviously sick.

I picked him up and took him to the doctor an hour early.
The doc took a look at him, registered his 98.8 degree fever,
his nausea, his abdominal pain and sent us to the Emergency
Room at the Children's Hospital in the next town.

We got there at 11am. Got signed in, he got put in a wheelchair,
got registered and then sat and waited until 3pm before they
even took us back for him to be seen. He was extremely
uncomfortable but was very well behaved. Finally they took
us back and he was examined, got an IV port and then sent
off for a CT Scan. That took only about 10 minutes and then
we were back down in the ER in an arctic corner room.
Everyone was very nice and pleasant and professional.

We were supposed to have the results within the hour. At
6:30pm I finally got a nurse to check on the results. Turns out
they had forgotten us. The ER doctor came in and said the scan
was inconclusive and they wanted to keep him for observation
overnight. At that point Buddy fell apart and started demanding
to see Punkin. The doctor kind of wigged out and wanted to
know why it was so important to see his sister. When I explained
they were twins he backed off and said "Ooooh, that makes
perfect sense then."

When the Doc asked if she was his big or little sister Buddy said 'Both. She
is my big sister and my little sister and I am her big brother and her little
brother. We are very lucky." The Doctor looked at Buddy
and smiled and said "Yes, it appears you are."

Buddy was really good the whole time,of course, all of the
movies they played helped. Night at the Museum, Fantastic 4,
Cars, Ratatouille, and A ScoobyDoo Mystery movie all kept him
from going bonkers. Yes. We saw all of those MOVIES in
the ER waiting and exam rooms!

I called Daddy and he and Punkin came to the ER and about
2 hours later we were upstairs in a room. The funny thing is
Daddy and Punkin actually had the room number on their
ID bracelets 2 hours BEFORE we were ever allowed to leave
the ER! They had already been upstairs to the room before
we ever got the paper work done.

Because, again, the ER staff had forgotten we were there!
Daddy and Punkin's arrival actually jogged their memory
but I still had to bug them a few times to get things going.
They kept talking about how busy everything was but there
were only 2 other patients in the entire ER. Not all that busy,
really. Because Buddy wasn't crying in pain, anymore,
he had totally slipped their minds.

Needless to say - we were glad to move to the room. They
hooked up an IV on Buddy because he hadn't kept anything
down since dinner the night before and they wanted
him to refrain from eating or drinking anything in case he
had to have surgery. They also came in every 30 minutes to
check his vitals and fever and each nurse chuckled
at the sign he made for his door.
'Cause, you know? He is! (That's Amma's nickname for him.)

By the time the Surgeon arrived at 6am to consult with us we
were so wiped out that it didn't really dawn on either of us what
he said until he was leaving ... NO surgery required!
Buddy didn't have appendicitus! He had an extremely sprained
hip joint!! Because he is so skinny and narrow through the hips
his pain was where the Doctors would
expect the appendix pain to be. We were thrilled and
called Daddy to let him know that we were going to be going home.

Well - the floor doctor didn't agree. He had to evaluate Buddy
himself. After a rather extensive exam he also declared
Buddy to be free of appendix problems and prescribed 'no
running/biking/skating/jumping/strenous exercise, etc. for
the next 2 weeks' so his hip could heal.

That brought the total number of Doctors to 5! 2 in ER,
2 floor Docs and the Surgeon. Although we are absolutely
thrilled he didn't need surgery and was considerably
better on Friday morning, it cost us over $10,000 to learn it.

Of course it could have just as easily been a bad appendix and
required surgery. I'm so glad it didn't and will gladly set up the
payment arrangements for the experience. It's just overwhelming
when you realize how quickly your day or week can completely
change and how, suddenly, things that you had on your 'To Do' list
are no longer all that important.

Whew - this turned out to be much longer than I thought
it would be! At least it ends with good news! : ) Right now,
the twins are arguing over a Wii game. Buddy just told Punkin
to "just get over it" regarding a move on Mario Cart.
So glad everything is back to normal! LOL!!

Thanks for making it through the whole crazy story.
I know it wasn't all that big a deal in the long run but it
does feel good to get it out of my head so I can make room
for the next wild and crazy thing that happens. LOL!

Here's to a calm and uneventful weekend!

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