Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 16- 21 - Still LOAD'n along...

Well, this is a photo heavy post...
I've been remiss in posting my layouts to my blog and
I thought I would do that before I go to bed tonight.

Day 16
I am looking for some larger sticker letters to fix this title -it's just too
small for the photo and it didn't really show up until after I was looking
at the posted layout in the LOAD gallery. Funny how you don't notice
flaws until you see the layout in a different light.

Day 17
The button in the center of the felt flower says "Joy" on it and
makes the title "Pure Joy". It's the first thing that came to mind
when I saw this photo of Punkin at Gymnastics. The photo
doesn't do this layout justice.

Day 18
The pink flowers are My Minds Eye Vinyl decals and I had a hard
time getting them to lay where I wanted them to without sticking
to everything and I ended up with the smaller one stuck to the
photo in the wrong place. I had planned for it to be a bit further
over on the green dot paper. But, it turned out okay.

Day 19
This layout uses a photo collage that Hubby created in Picasa with our
ski trip photos. He was just playing around with the collage creator and
let me have the practice print he made. It made for a very quick layout.

Day 20
Okay, this layout has problems and it is mostly because the Hambly
Rub-ons did not, in fact, rub on. It did not matter what I used or how I
positioned the ship, skull or title - they simply would not rub on to the
patterned paper. I ended up using a tape runner to adhere them but
it really didn't work all that well either and I have marks on the ship
where I tried to get the rub-on to work.

Anyway-the photo is not of a skull on a pirate ship or
anything like that but it was the start of my
kids singing "Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me" throughout
the Moody Gardens Aquarium and Theaters. It was a fun thing
for the kids to find just before heading into the iMax film
about dinosaurs.

Day 21
This is one of my all-time favorite photos and it took me a couple of
hours to put this layout together for today. It is also the first time
I have sewn ruffled ribbon on a layout. Too fun!

This was a visit to Pensacola Beach in 2006 and it is the first
time the kids were old enough to play in the sand at the
beach. It was too cold to get into the water but it was a
gorgeous day for shelling. They couldn't stay dry, though
(Duh! They're kids!) and wanted me to take a picture
of them in their wet pants. They had so much fun
running all around and finding shells -just grinning
from ear to ear the whole time. It just makes my heart
swell everytime I look at it. I think this will be going
into my "Photos I Love" album instead of the
"Places We Go" album.

Well, that is all for tonight. I have to get up early
for work tomorrow so look for more later in the week.


LaLa said...

Katherine-Your layouts are great. You are so creative. Please do not be so hard on yourself. We DO NOT see the flaws you see & you shouldn't tell us about them. I love your layouts & give you credit for doing a lay out a day. Amazing.

Katherine said...

Hey Laura!
I think most of my writing is notes to myself on what I can/should pay attention to make the next layout better without giving up the quick exercise. Thank you so much for your
wonderful comments! You really make my whole week!