Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Ski Trip 2010

(Punkin and Buddy snowboarding!)

(Punkin, Buddy & Snowboard instructor Michelle. This photo makes me think of Astronauts
walking in slow motion... : ) They were heading in for some well deserved & needed hot
chocolate. )

(This is Grandpa following the twins skiing and meeting up with the two 4 yr
old cousins as the little ones' ski instructor looks on from the side.)

was a complete success! The twins tried snowboarding for the first time
and did great (read that "Loved it!") and were able to play with the
cousins for hours at a time. The skiing and snowboarding were
awesome and the kids (and adults) were out on the slopes most
of the day but the evening sledding was the big hit of the trip...
check out these awesome photos!

Buddy and AB sledding down the hill near the condo. Actually, Buddy
was stopping the sled so they didn't run over me as I took the photo!

MC after he and Punkin came to a sudden stop. She was laughing
so hard she flopped back in the snow just as I was taking the picture.

The only thing we didn't do this year was get a photo of all of the
kids together like we have in the past. Ah well, these pictures show
how much fun they all had playing together and that is the best
part of the whole trip!!

(Buddy, Daddy & Punkin getting ready to go out skiing some more.)

And I saw a Moose! She walked across the slopes and into this group
of trees just as we were heading over to dinner with the family in one
of the other condos on the last night of our trip. She was so graceful
and beautiful even though she looked 10 feet tall!
Seeing her kept my "Saw a Moose every time we were in Jackson Hole"
record going. It has been a thrill to see the wildlife so close every time
we visit! I think that would make a good layout...hmmm...gotta
hunt all those Moose photos down... and, OH!,

I start LOAD again today and will start posting my layouts soon.
See you later!

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