Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here are my final 6 layouts for LOAD Feb 2010!!

Day 23
I found this and the next photo in a stack of things that hadn't been put
away yet and felt like I had hit gold. I love these two portraits and dug
out some school stuff to create this layout for the Buddy. It is so hard
to believe they are in 3rd grade already!

Day 24
I had a hard time with this layout because I just couldn't get over how
grown up Punkin looks. I guess it kind of freaked me out a bit. I love
her color coordination (teal brace bands and aqua & brown top) and
had to use those colors for her. The challenge was also to use scraps
and bits from our stash - the flowered patterned paper and the letter
stickers are all leftovers. I am thinking I may add a few crocheted
flowers but it's good the way it is.

Day 25
Every time I think of our trip to Wimberley, I think of this life-size chess
set in the garden at the EmilyAnn Theater. It was just so cool to play a
game of chess like this. The kids loved it too. I think I will move a few of
the chess pieces from over the title to the top of the photo like photo
corners. That just sounded like a cool idea when I was uploading this
Day 26
The background in this layout is made using Donna Downey's new
stamp set 'Where you are' and I didn't check to be sure I uploaded
the correct layout with the title over the lower birdcage. It should
read 'PLAY'. The one I uploaded to the LOAD gallery was missing it
so I just used the same photo here. This new stamp set just really
tickles my fancy!

Day 27
Buddy's experiment was carving soap with 4 different tools to see which
worked the fastest. It was pretty cool to watch him set everything up and
then hit the timer and start carving! Soap pieces were flying all over the
dining room! He really enjoyed his project, though and got his display
board all put together and finalized right after school on Friday. It is
due on Monday - so he was completely free and footloose all weekend.
He was quite possibly the happiest guy I know this weekend because
he finished his project before his sister did. That is why I completed
his layout first (even though it will wind up on the right side of the
2 page layout.)

Day 28

The last two layouts are halves of a 2 page set. The 'Popcorn &' should
be on the left and the 'Soap' should be on the right. These are photos
of the twins with their completed Science Project Display Boards. It
really made everyone here happy when they both finished their
projects with several days to spare. So glad they don't know about
procrastination yet.

Well, LOAD is done for this month. I feel pretty good about the
layouts I made this month and I also rearranged my albums and
determined I am sick of postbound albums and will most likely
be purchasing ring bound albums to move everything to very
soon. I am so tired of tiny metal post extensions that don't
tighten down correctly, spine covers that just look stupid
and page protectors that don't get included on the post
even though the 20 before and after do. Ring binder style
albums would eliminate all those hassles. I know they
come with their own set of hassles but at least I would
be able to move things around more easily. So, look
for a change on that front before too long.

Have a great week! See you back here soon!

PS - Yep! I'll be LOAD'n again in May! Can't wait to
get started again!


S said...

Great layouts, I especially like the ones of the school pictures. You picked great papers and added just enough extra. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

great stuff-you are so creative!!
Harriett went to ring albumns 2 years ago & loves them. She buys all the same color for each year. I still have to many post albumns to change over. Laura