Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We celebrated as a family at a local restaurant which offered a
gourmet dining experience Saturday night and truly enjoyed it.
Then today we spent lunch with the In-laws and friends and
had a good time too.

This afternoon, however, was devoted to Science Experiments.
Buddy carved soap with different implements and timed himself
while he carved with each tool. Soap flakes were flying.
Punkin decided to pop corn using 3 different methods and
counted unpopped corn to determine which popped the corn
the best. That meant counting out kernals of corn for all of the
experiments and prepping before she ever turned on the hot-air
popper, stove or microwave. The results were very interesting
and I can't wait for them both to weed through the data and
decide whether the outcomes match their hypotheses or not.
I'll keep you posted! LOL!

So, after all that was concluded and a good portion of the
popcorn was consumed during a screening of G-Force, they
finally called it a night.

I hustled in and finished my LOAD for today and now I'm
heading off to bed too.

See you tomorrow!

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