Saturday, November 14, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude Day 1

Several of my online friends are participating in this year's list of gratitude.
The basic idea is this - create a list of 20 things you are grateful for every day
for 7 days. I know I have said many times how grateful I am for this or that but
I have never actually tried to make a list. So, this is a first for me and I am
looking forward to it. So, here is Day 1...

Attitude of Gratitude
Day 1

1) my incredibly smart and loving husband

2) my 2 bright bubbly kids

3) 2 playful pups

4) a soft sweet kitty cat

5) our dry (and almost clean) house

6) my soft comfy bed

7) friends from the internet who inspire and challenge me

8) my iMac and large format printer

9) a beautiful sunny Saturday

10) a nice visit with family

11) kids able to spend the day with Daddy & Grandpa
water-skiing in NOVEMBER!

12) quiet time

13) loud giggling

14) card games with the family

15) a safe place to create

16) seeing the trees from my kitchen window

17) green grass

18) the trampoline

19) happy fish

20) feeling healthier after a week of illness.

See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Cameron said...

So glad you're playing along! I'll link you in my list today. :) And I'm so envious you have a large-format printer, I want one!! :) Which one do you have?