Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!!!

Daddy & the Twins went Trick-or-Treating while I
finished up decorating the porch and handing out
candy to the 'lil Ghouls who rang our doorbell.
Punkin's Jane o'lantern was a white pumpkin with huge seeds and it's
insides smelled like cinnamon! Weird! That is a tiny squash sitting on
top like a hat.
The stacked pumpkins sat on the edge of the porch on each side of
the walkway.

Buddy's Jack o'lantern was a traditional orange pumpkin.
This was the stack of pumpkins on the right side of the walkway.
Last year we had kids come up to the glass door and try to
get into see the rest of the room and all of Daddy's electronics.
Then they went back to their groups saying "They have this and
they have that!" and that really bothered me. Especially since
so many of the kids that visit us on Halloween are not from our
area. So, in order to keep everything fun and to avoid that
sort of unwanted attention I added a couple of things to our
door decor that made it much more enjoyable for all of us.
An upclose shot of the indoor decorations...
Our house was very well lit!
That black stringy stuff on the right is our huge sparkly spider web and
Stanley the Ginormous Spider is sitting on the bush right behind the Boo
sign. I was disappointed he didn't show up in my late night (9pm) photos.
Oh well, he sits there every year so I'm sure we have a photo of him somewhere.

Notice the tired Trick-or-Treaters? They stayed up to help hand out candy
for another 45 min or so and then disappeared upstairs and into bed. If you
know Buddy, you know that is highly unusual. He is usually up until after
midnight playing legos or star wars or something quietly in his room. Not
after all of their Halloween fun! They were absolutely worn out.

Another close-up of my candy set up. The candles are glittery and are
battery powered. I LOVE them and will be keeping them out for the
Fall too. I love the look of tapers without the mess. (Yep, I'm lazy and
I know it- totally hate to clean up melted wax or burned down

Our neighborhood is usually very decorated and the houses
are well lit but this year there were only 4 lit houses on our
street and we were the only ones who decorated. It was busy
but only because the kids were moving through the neighborhood
pretty quickly. We had kids at the door starting at 6:15 pretty steadily
until 9pm. We took all our decorations in at 9:15 and turned out our
lights. I think it was a 'light' year even though it was busy.

As much as I love Halloween, I was very glad it was over.
So much fun in a short amount of time!
See you tomorrow!

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