Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fall Festival at the Elementary School

Our Elementary school hosted their annual Fall Festival
today, held old fashioned games, cake walks, dance offs,
hoola-hoop contests and the first grade wing was turned
into a Haunted House. It was an amazing day with a high
in the mid 70's and a light breeze. Just a perfect Fall day!

The Tennis Shop from the local Country Club set up
the QuickStart Tennis for kids 'booth' and it was very

Punkin heard Buddy had won a real Goldfish so she had to try her hand
at that game too...

They BOTH brought home gold fish! Just what we needed to add to
our current zoo...
Punkin tied 2 other girls in the Hoola-hoop contest. After hearing a couple
of the girls talk about hoola-hooping for a couple of hours the judges just
called it a tie (it had already been about 20 minutes!)

This Halloween Lady Bug landed on my orange shirt and then spent
the next 10 minutes walking up and down my hand...

All 4 of us in a lull between Color Wheel games...
This is the Color Wheel game that was very popular (you got two prizes
from the Cauldron of Fun if you won and only one if you didn't) for 2
tickets. (Tickets were 25 cents each.)

Since the beginning of the month, the classes have been collecting items
to go into the Themed Raffle Baskets and the kids were all given raffle
tickets to sell for $2 each. The PTO made up gorgeous baskets for the
raffle - P & B were disappointed they didn't win the Legos or Webkinz

There was also a silent auction going on and it ended the same time the
raffle basket winners were called out. It turned out to be a big money
maker for the school again this year. Hopefully, that means there won't be
a need for anymore fundraising again until next year.
By the time we got home, finished getting decorated, got some dinner
and the kids freshened up their costumes it was getting dark and they
were ready to head out Trick-or-Treating with Daddy. I manned the
door and photos of that are in my next post!
See you in a few minutes!

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