Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Day 3

I wrote this out but it didn't get posted for some reason so here it is...

Day 3 (Monday)
1) a wonderful Husband who is up todate on the latest technology
2) a family that loves to play tennis
3) a place to play tennis close by
4) rain(even if it postpones tennis! : ))
5) cooler temperatures
6) a constant breeze
7) good friends
8) the lemon tree w/only 2 lemons
9) eggs benedict for dinner
10) hot showers
11) clean clothes
12) sweet smelling clean kids
13) the farm
14) Hubby home for lunch every day
15) My EarthKind Classmates & Teachers
16) the patience of the family as I continue to run ideas past them
17) flexible curve rulers
18) erasers
19) the information available on the Ag. Extension office sites
20) leftovers

More to come!

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