Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween - Pumpkin Patch Photos!

Here are the photos I took of the twins at a local
Pumpkin Patch Friday after school...

Buddy decided to go as Commander Cody of Star Wars Clone Wars
fame and Punkin wanted to be Wonder Woman. This is my favorite
picture of the afternoon.

The Lady running the Pumpkin Patch was very gracious to allow us
to have our photo shoot there and, of course, we bought 8 pumpkins
to take home with us. So I think she felt like it was worth the few minutes
of us tromping around in the empty patch.

What's the point of having a magic lasso if you don't actually use
it to lasso anything? We just had to try it out! : )

Punkin was looking on as Buddy posed as a very serious Commander

I think she was having fun!

Being a Clone Trooper is very serious work.

By the end of our little photo shoot the pumpkin patch was full
of people and several of the younger boys were following Buddy
around and asking about his uniform and a couple of girls were
following Punkin around with questions about hers. It was just
too cute! I had a hard time getting these guys in the car to leave
because they were caught up in the fun.

We had a fun afternoon!

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