Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Day 5

Day 5 ( Wednesday)

1) low temperatures in the 40's make it really feel like Fall
2) Wonder & Spike - the goldfish twins
3) playing fetch with Wiley & a paper towel roll
4) new books to read
5) kids who love to share new books
6) a clean reliable car
7) the super nice guys who pick up the trash and leave the cans
on the sidewalk instead of out in the street
8) email pals
9) the ability to learn a new trick
10) validation from an unexpected source
11) only 2 more days until the weekend
12) my crock pot
13) a sit down dinner with the family every night
14) A tolerant/loving husband who puts up with me and all of my crazy ideas
15) friends to stitch with
16) Starbucks -so glad the one in our town didn't close
17) a second pair of super yellow glasses- so I can drive at night even though almost every car out there has those stupid blue headlights that cause me massive debilitating migraine episodes if I look at them without the intense yellow filter and I don't have to worry about losing my only pair.
18) Sam from Eyemart Express who was able to fabricate a second pair of yellow glasses even though it took hours of dipping and redipping them in yellow & pink tints! Such a great guy!
19) cool sleeping weather after a really long day
20) awesome dreams

More tomorrow!

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