Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratitude Day 2

Day 2
(in no particular order)

1) air condition zones so the bedroom is cooler than the rest of the house
2) good books
3) kids who love to read good books
4) legos -specifically Star Wars Legos because they make my son so happy
5) computers
6) working “UPS”s (uninterrupted power source) for the computers
7) washer and dryer inside the house
8) google search -so I can find just about anything I need or want in just seconds
9) internet shopping - so I can purchase the item from #8 if necessary
10) talking to Mom just about every day on the phone
11) good friends moving into the neighborhood this week
12) a very reliable baby sitter
13) the opportunity to take classes in different subjects nearby
14) peaceful family together day at home
15) the huge laughs that the misspelling of my last name generated
when I read it out loud during breakfast! (Thanks Jilliene!)
16) the Bill of Rights
17) the right to disagree with the government without fear of retaliation
18) the slow cooker
19) inspiration every where I look
20) the time and ability to act on that inspiration

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See you later!


Jilliene Designs said...

i am such a typo-maniac. try as I might, I cannot seem to hit the right keys nor catch the booboos - brain damage??? I love your list and am so happy we are all doing this together!

Katherine said...

Hey Jilliene! No worries! When I read it to the kids they laughed and laughed. Of course, they then followed up with their own silly names and that led to even more laughter. Thanks for helping us start our day out right! : )