Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gratitude Day 6

Day 6 (Thursday)

1) A husband who I adore
2) Mo & Lasses - the Slow Poke Twins (even though it sometimes takes 20 minutes to get from the kitchen to the car)
3) patience (see above)
4) my terrific chiropractor
5) guard puppies
6) snuggle kitty curling up with me while I’m asleep on the sofa
7) a vacuum that works - finally!!
8) the ability to stay home and take care of the kids, pets & house
9) more ‘good’ days than ‘bad’ days physically
10) patience from others when I go a bit silly
11) generous inlaws
12) community wide curb-side recycling so I don’t have to drive to a recycling center to drop off all our saved up stuff like I did in a previous town.
13) living only a mile from the kids school so they can bike or walk if they get up early enough.
14) alarm clocks
15) kids who wake up to an alarm clock with a SMILE! (I swear sometimes we think they must be aliens!)
16) double double mega chocolate cookies with extra chocolate and a bit of chocolate on the top - my Husband’s own super chocolate cookie recipe that is just absolutely incredible! (that is his name for the recipe!)
17) a working stove/oven
18) freezer space
19) enough art supplies in my stash to start a store -or help a kid create a masterpiece for a local competition without having to make a trip into town for supplies
20) tennis lessons with a great group of ladies and a very patient coach

More later!

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