Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 25 - Memorial Day Flag

Ever since I moved into this house I have wanted to have
a large flag to fly outside on the holder that Hubby's
Grandparents put up. Of course, I wasn't able to find
the flag that I had in mind for our yard and it sort of
got put on the back burner of my mind.

So for years I always lined the front walk with the
little flags on a stick for all of the Patriotic Holidays.
It didn't feel as good as that flag I had in mind but
it worked and it made the kids happy because they
could see the flags and help with putting them up, etc.

Well, last week I found it! The perfect flag for our
front yard flag holder! I couldn't believe it! I was
at the Ace Hardware near us for replacement hardware
for Buddy's curtain rod and turned down the wrong
aisle and there it was! Silly ? Yep. But it really made
me happy!! The flag is big enough to be seen, but not
so big it drags on the Sago Palm right below it and
the pole it is on is the perfect size for the holder that
was on the eave of the house. Needless to say, it is
up right now. Finally.

Today's LOAD is a photo of that flag out in front
of our house. I used a Karen Foster Designs 12x12
overlay, Stamping Station Americana flag patterned
paper, Heidi Grace Designs Glass Effects fireworks,
a cardstock tag from Club Scrap, a circle sticker from
Memories Complete, and my favorite Sharpie super fine
journaling pen.

I hope you like it!
See you tomorrow with Day 26.

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