Friday, May 8, 2009

LOAD Day 8 is up!

While looking at the Tourist Information Shelves at
the hotel we are staying in, I discovered Skirt Magazine.
I had never seen or heard of this magazine before and
since it is from Charlotte, North Carolina, I picked it up
and brought it back to the room along with all of the
other touristy info that I needed to see about scrapbooking!

I really liked the magazine and loved the cover so
much I decided to add it to my trip album and what
better way to do that than to scrapbook it for my
Lay Out A Day Challenge!! So that is precisely what I did!

I just cut it up and added it to a green piece of Bazzill
cardstock from my trip stash.

The paragraph next to the painting says

" Home is pajamas straight from the dryer on the coldest
night of winter and a roof that doesn't leak during a rainstorm.
It's food in the refrigerator and heat that works and this month's
rent paid in full. It's Benjamin Moore Blue, Porch Light Yellow,
a loose-change-in-the-sofa silver lining. It's the dog who thinks
you invented Walks and someone to share your late night
thoughts. It's the evening news with a glass of
wine and a slice of moon in the window at bedtime, the shower
that washes away work and the special mirror that makes you
look taller before you leave the house. Home is the key left under
the mat, your mother's phone number, the place you drive through
the night to reach. It's where we find our Belonging."

Under the picture is this quote from Maya Angelou
"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place
where we can go as we are and not be questioned."

Pretty awesome huh? I love that it is now a part of my
Inspired Weekend Travel album!

Day 8 done.
See you tomorrow!

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