Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3 /LOADKWM05032009

Day 3 /LOADKWM05032009
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This is my Day 3 layout for LOAD May 2009!

The wooden turtle embellishment is from the top
of a basket I found at Goodwill last year. I saw it
and thought it would be perfect for an Aquarium
layout and it is! LOL!

The photo is of the twins' Sea Camp experience
last year. Buddy has his arms straight up in the
air (like he's riding on a roller coaster) and
Punkin is hunched down with her hands on
her head pretending to be scared of the
CGI Shark! A very goofy picture!

The colored squares are the bottom part of
a transparency sheet and everything is
attached to a sheet of white cardstock.

The recommendation for today's LOAD was
to re-use or re-cycle something on the layout
and the turtle/raffia/paper ribbon is a perfect
fit for that!


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