Friday, May 22, 2009

LOAD Day 22

I found these photos of the kids on the swing set in our backyard
on the day Daddy and Grandpa were finished building it. The
smiles on both kids faces as they were swinging in their own
backyard for the very first time really brought back the
memories as if it all just happened yesterday instead of
6 years ago.

So much has changed since these photos were taken...
the kids have grown (they are 8.5 yrs old now), the
gate was moved closer to the front of the house, the Felix
The Cat sign disappeared at about the same time (we
probably gave it to one of the guys building the fence
but neither of us can remember what happened to it), we
added a second story to the house for the kids to have their
own rooms...and that's just the stuff that instantly comes to

Good times, great memories.

See you tomorrow!

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