Monday, May 25, 2009

LOAD Day 24 - The Great Living Room Camp Out

While I was on my Inspired trip, Daddy allowed the Twins
to have a 'Camp Out' on the floor in the Living Room. He
took a couple of photos after they settled in and before
'lights out'.

Buddy piled up the huge floor pillows for his bed and
snuggled right in with his blue stuffed bunny. He was
comfortable for a while but after a couple of hours he
headed upstairs to his own bed.

Punkin, on the other hand, decided to camp out in the
cardboard box they had been playing with all day. She,
apparently, wasn't as comfortable. She barely made it
an hour and was upstairs and in bed before Daddy
made it out of the shower and back in to check on them
before going to bed himself.

They loved the fact they were allowed to spend the night
downstairs but they preferred their own beds to the
'camp beds'. They all shared their versions of the
events on the phone the next morning while I was
at Inspired and I got a big laugh out of their
descriptions and their reasons for moving back
to their own beds.

It's amazing to me how much they have grown
up in the past few months. This sort of thing
just brings it home.

I uploaded this late last night and didn't take the
time to post at the same time because I knew I
wanted to talk about the pictures a bit and I was
already starting to droop. So, here it is. (I did
change the O in "out" to a capital letter and
shift the 'Out' over a bit this morning - but the
layout above is what I posted on time last night.)
Now, I'm off to create my Day 25 LOAD.

See you soon!

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