Monday, May 18, 2009

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Easter Revisted!

There is a teacher at the elementary school the twins
attend that is a professional photographer and she
offers holiday photo shoots to the kids and their
families for a very small fee.

The Easter photo shoot is called "Bunny Pictures"
because there are live bunnies as part of the set.
The twins love it because they get to be in the picture
together and they get to love on the bunnies while
they are there.

This year they even wanted to surprise me with their
wardrobe choices! They did a great job of picking
clothes that were similar in color without being
told to. In fact, I didn't give any guidance at all. I
let them pick what they wanted to wear and just
let it go. Needless to say, I was very surprised (and
pleased) that they chose to match. : ) I know it
won't be long before they decide they have had
enough of the matchy look but until then it makes
me pretty happy.

This is half of a Scrap Jammies page kit that I hadn't used yet.
I love the pastel purples, blues & greens. The green fuzzy
thickers make me smile and really works together.

So, Day 18 is up and I'm beat.
Going to bed!
See you on Day 19!

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