Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 26 - Barbie Fun: Then & Now

Monday was Memorial Day so the kids had the day off and were
playing, when one of them discovered one of my boxes of old
toys. It just happened to be the box of inflatable Barbie furniture
and Pool stuff. So, they asked if they could play with it and I, of
course, said 'Yes'.

As I was putting the pool together for them I noticed it had the
date on it along the edges - '1973'. I remember getting this for
Christmas from Santa Claus and it really shocked me to see that
these toys are 36 years old! I played with this stuff everyday and
it looks new. Too weird since all of the stuff the kids get these
days barely lasts a week much less a year. I loved these pieces
and I am thrilled the twins are enjoying them too.

This layout is about that. I plan to add some hidden journaling
behind the bottom left photos and I may move the "Barbie"
part of the title onto a piece of white cardstock that is shadow
cut to hi-light it, but for now, this is it. I just didn't have the
time I needed last night to do anything extra to it before uploading
to the Flickr account.

Both kids liked this layout, though and it made me feel very very

See you later!

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