Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOAD Day 17 - Yes, I do Smile!

I was told a few weeks ago that I don't smile and that
really made me think. You see, I thought I did. In fact,
I was positive I do. So, off to the Library of Memories
drawers I went to do some research...

I checked the 'All about Us' drawer under 'Katherine
Personality' and 'All about Katherine' and found more
than a dozen photos of me smiling or making a goofy

I checked the 'Things we do' drawer and found even
more photos of me smiling or making goofy faces.

Finally, I checked the 'Places we go' drawer and found
about 3 dozen photos of me smiling while crafting at
crops and classes, among other things.

Needless to say, I was easily able to prove this
particular person wrong, because I do, indeed, smile.
I've got the photos to prove it! LOL!!

This is the first 2 page layout I've made for the May
LOAD challenge. I used Vintage Plum patterned
paper for the background and Thickers for the title.
I also used some glittery rub-on butterflies and a plastic
coaster (from Walmart).

I noticed (after finishing these 2 layouts) that half of
the photos are from events at Crafting Memories,
a little scrapbook shop that was in Rockport, Texas.
I was a member of the frequent buyers club called
The Pink Ladies and we had a wonderful time. I can
truthfully say that core group of ladies (and you
know who you are) are my closest friends. They
make me smile all the time!LOL!

Day 17 is up and I'm going to bed.
See you tomorrow!


Rose Marie said...

You are the best! I think God's plan all along for that store was to lead me to you all. RM

Katherine said...

Rose Marie-
I think his plan was for all of us. 'Cause I know I'm super blessed to have you in my life! Love ya!