Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a break...

from the blog and all things scrappy for a week.

We leave early tomorrow for Orlando and then a
Disney Cruise on Sunday. So, while I would love to
finish LOAD this month, I am being realistic. I do
not want to carry the laptop with me and I really don't
want to carry scrapbook stuff with me either. I did it
while on my Inspired trip (more about that later, of course)
and while on other family vacations (both January LOADs)
but not this time. And you know what?

I'm okay with it! If I had done this in the past 2 LOAD
challenges I would have felt like a failure because I didn't
finish out the month but I don't feel that way. Instead I
feel like I have earned a break and I am taking it.

So, I will be back with more info on Inspired, LOAD,
my first Cruise and more creative mojo June 6th. Thanks for
visiting and for understanding my need for a break.

See you then!

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